Our Boys

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Our Dogs


murphystack.jpg (233510 bytes)

Lochrann Last is Best Murphy
Call name - Murphy
Hips - OFA Excellent
Elbows - OFA Normal
Eyes - CERF annually
Took Best of Breed at an AKC-sanctioned Match - way to go Murphy!



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Mtn Vista's Loki
Call name - Molly
Hips - coming soon
Eyes - CERF annually

Molly has just come to stay with us as a potential girl for breeding.  She'll be two in July next year, when she'll be able to have her hips checked for dysplasia by the OFA (until then, any results are preliminary).  Till then, she'll have her eyes done annually, and learn how to be a great dog and companion.  She is sweet and loving, with a strong desire to work, and a happy disposition.  Keep checking back to see how Molly progresses!