Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

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Oct. 10, 2003 puppies eating                    Evie and Winston (2 days old) sleeping                    Oct. 7, 2003 tired puppy yawning                    HEY!  Let go of my tail, you little pipsqueak! -  Murphy and Winston playing.

Apr. 30, 2004 piled-up puppies - where's my head?!                    Caelan getting ready to jump in the swimming pool                    Caelan and Murphy                    Our newest family member, a buff/white tabby named Peanut, pictured here at 8 weeks old.

From left to right: Murphy, Shadow, Caelan, Nigel, and Winston                    This is what happens when you ask your spouse to watch the puppy...                    Just in from playing in the Winter Melt                    A relaxing bath after his muddy escapades with his own personal massage therapist

Oh YES...Justin likes to ride in the car!                    Our newest little girl, Chloe at six weeks old                    Chloe and Belinda sharing a few kisses