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Bentley has reached his first birthday and is still a little puppy at heart and in spirit.  He has everything that you told us we could expect, and has since his first day home.  You have done a superb job in knowing what to tell your future owners they can expect.  Bentley is the size, the temperament, the looks, and everything we asked for when selecting him.  We would come to you again for our very special friend...he's a true lover. ~ With all of our thanks,  Ellen & Joel



Lucy at 8 weeks    Lucy at almost 12 weeks

I can't say enough good things about your operation! Every day I am amazed at how smart this puppy is to say nothing of how cute and fun she is! I have yet to meet a person who has not fallen in love with her on their first meeting.  The training you gave her before I even took her home has been instrumental in our relationship as well. She has never balked at being in her crate and she will 'sit' and 'leave it' without hesitation.  ~Monica & Lucy


Nigel (yellow) and Winston (black)

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From the breeder:  Nigel and Winston are half-brothers who now live in the same house, sharing the same family.  I hear that Nigel knows who's boss, but Winston keeps trying to take over the position!


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